From the Project Assistant’s Point of View: Framing your Artwork

Norah Perry
Project Assistant
Integrated Art Group

First things first: you have, in your possession, a beautiful piece of artwork. This is just the beginning! You have so many choices left to make to truly showcase your artwork. Many of these choices are directly related to framing.

Framing your artwork properly is crucial when maintaining value, protection and aesthetic significance. This is why it is incredibly important to do your research to find the right framer for you. Ideally, framing your fine art in a “museum quality” manner is recommended. Easier said than done.  Many frame shops will claim they are framing your artwork in this manner, and as non-framers, we have no reason to believe they’d be lying. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. So ask around, call various framers and compare what they’ve done versus what others have done. And know what “museum quality” or museum grade/level framing is. (Here’s what it is, in case you were wondering):

99% UV filtering glass

100% museum grade cotton rag matting

100% museum grade cotton rag backing

100% true archival final backing

In addition, you would obviously have the actual frame molding and artwork.

Congratulations! You picked a framer. The next part is picking the actual frame molding and what type of finish you would like. Look for a frame that will compliment your artwork while simultaneously protecting it. When you go to your framer, have a list of questions ready involving frame molding material (solid wood, metal, plaster?), cost per item (matt, glass, actual frame?), etc. At that time, you may have in mind a certain “look” that you are going for and may be able to identify moldings and finishes that speak to you. Go into the experience with a breadth of knowledge.

Although finding the right framer and frame can sound time consuming (and daunting), it’s well worth it. The experience is both interesting and exciting. You’re essentially shopping for your walls. The artwork that you hang in your home, office, apartment  – it reflects upon you and your style; your taste. So take your time and make sure you’re satisfied, both with the purchase of your artwork and the frame.


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