Changing light; Ready for Change

By: Integrated Art Group

Dec 22 2011

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Category: Art, art education, Health Care, Inspiration, Installations, interior design

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Focal Length:5.8mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon PowerShot A590 IS

We are past the shortest day of the year, heading for the Spring Equinox. Coming from the upper Midwest, the season shift is brilliant, full of color with wild variations in temperature and wind for fall. Now we get the new shift once there is snow on the ground. The light is also visibly changing. Have you noticed that? Many people don’t recognize this visual clue, but they feel it in their mood.  

As we experience seasonal changes outside, consider the value that can be found in changing your view inside. 

Changing locations of your current art pieces will result in a fresh, uplifting interior view; not unlike moving key pieces of furniture in your home.  This valuable art service is  known as an Art Restack, which utilizes your existing art collection to create an inspiring new look. Frequently combined with a fresh coat of paint, a Restack can be implemented any time a change is desired. The service offered by Integrated Art Group includes assessing the condition and location of your current art pieces, creating a plan, and reinstalling the art in new locations.  

In a professional environment, an Art Restack has shown to have a positive impact on productivity and employee satisfaction. In a healthcare environment, an Art Restack can provide an extension of the healing environment and showcase your pieces as if it was an entirely new collection. This cost-effective service can also extend the life of your current space by changing the light with your art. Create an interior shift with some simple changes and notice how this transforms your mood for the better. 

We are hosting a restack renaming contest! Check out particulars on Facebook.

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