Art in Marketing: Send a subtle but powerful message

Everyone can easily list a bunch of traditional visual tools to market your business. There’s your company logo, the photo of your team on the Website, the sign outside your office, and the brochure promoting a new service, just to name a few.

But, using imagery in more subtle ways can prove to be one of the most impactful tools in your marketing arsenal.

Using art as a marketing tool means using images and artful pieces to tap into the senses and send a distinct message. Choosing art pieces for a professional space can directly influence how people feel when they walk into your office — relaxed, energized, curious, safe. It can also play an equally important role in the message you are sending about your brand — creative, professional, comfortable, inspired.

Think about visiting a healthcare clinic. No matter how clean it is, if you walk into a room with inexpensive oil-paint reproductions of clichéd ocean scenes on the wall, ripped or torn magazines in the waiting area, and institutional plastic chairs, it’s a safe bet you’ll associate that healthcare clinic with being outdated, cookie-cutter and certainly nothing special.

Take that same clinic and include a vibrant wall mural by a local artist, swap out the chairs for colorful comfortable seating, and install some fine art by a nationally known artist.

Quite a different message the exact same room is sending!

The key to using art as an effective marketing tool is to understand its impact within its environment. The feelings and impressions that are induced by art are immediate and subtle, and no two reactions will be the same. So, it’s important to understand both the intentional and the unintentional messages the art you incorporate into your marketing are sending.

Art is a constant and continuous influence on people’s lives, whether it’s consciously noticed or not. So, why not tap into this subtle awareness to send a quiet message that you want to send about your brand and your environment?

posted by Catherine


One comment on “Art in Marketing: Send a subtle but powerful message”

  1. Fantastic! So well worded Liese, and I so agree. I love the suggestion for a business to use the ‘subtle awareness’ of the artistic creations to ‘send a quiet message’ about their brand.

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